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  Integrity, Loyalty & Commitment   As the Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is to Christianity, integrity, loyalty and commitment is to BDP.  Integrity is our first name.  We strive to do the right thing the first time in a code compliant, cost effective and a dignified manor.  As the definition implies, we adhere to moral and ethical principles.  Character and honesty is our guarantee to each client.   Loyalty to our clients is a main goal as we strive for return business.  That in itself tells of our desire to create a trust amongst BDP and our clients.   We labor towards our workmanship in a way that the client will not have to  second guess or be concerned about whether or not the job was completed correctly or sustain its integrity over the long hall.  We want a long and lasting result for years to come on each project directly as a result of our dedicated work.  Commitment to our clients is par none.  Once employed, BDP strives to provide a customer relationship from beginning to the end.  The plumber is one of the first ones on  job and one of the last ones to leave.  The experience that is gained by seeing a job from start to finish allows us to foresee possible issues before they happen and we then pass on that knowledge to our clients enabling them with a better picture of the ultimate goal - A job well done.  We at BDP want you to experience our Trinity the first time, so as you won't have to wish you did something different the next time   BDP - try us first, use us last

Mission Statement